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Coherence | Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

(Figuring Things Out in Life)

Figuring things out in life

is to clearly define:

What we want out of life?

What we have a propensity for?

What are we passionate about?

How we like to live?

Who we chose to be with?

What we believe in?

What we strive to accomplish?

What we intend to leave as our legacy?

It is to figure,

How to Love and Be Loved.

Because, in the end,

we must seek and figure out,

what life means to us.


we’ll wander along

like lifeless souls

with empty spirits.

Figuring out life’s meaning,

allows us to decipher, determine,

what our purpose and direction are.


we’ll bounce and sail through it

as a rudderless vessel

or a craft without compass.

Life’s formula is different for each one of us.

The recipe of “how to live”

is unique for each individual.

What makes sense for one, few or many,

may not make sense to others at all.

Thus, to avoid living someone else’s life

by copying their “sense making,”

we have to figure out first,

what works for us

and then,

what works for others.

In order to figure things out in life,

we need Coherence,

the glue that connects it all together.

Coherence is connecting in “sensical-harmony”

Our life with our aspirations and beliefs,

Our actions with our dreams and goals,

Our line of work, vocation, art or craft

without best talents and abilities.

Our passions with mundane life.

Our convictions and ideals

with what we practice in our daily lives.

Our values and virtues with our faith.

Out tempo with our life’s clock.

Our awareness of every second 

we have left on planet earth.

Our family, loved ones, fellow human beings

and the objects of our desire

with our feelings

and the best side of our essence and nature.

Making sense and figuring things out in life

is to coherently connect

our life’s meaning with our life’s purpose.

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