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When We Are Not Together

When We Are Not Together

I would like to know how you are?

Hopefully, you are as happy as I am.

I’ve noticed sadness in your voice

and would love to free you of it.

What we share together is too good

to not be rejoicing;

just be spontaneous, and you’ll always feel like that.

Let’s try to never waver or be recalcitrant.

In its entirety, this wonderful thing we share

has been inching up without any help,

like an erupting water fountain

gushing by itself.

Let me be me,

as I’ll let you be you.


let us be us,

like each one of us is,

but together.

We already are pretty much alike;

this keeps us,

while becoming closer and closer,

spontaneous and tightly together.

I would like to know how you are feeling.

I wish you could feel as close to me

as I do to you.

I hope my words are viewed as encouraging,

nor a complaint or criticism,

supportive and not demanding.

I would like you to feel to power

we generate together,

and that this strength be your joy,

when we are apart.

I want to be with you right now.

Being always together

is what I live for.

But, when we cannot,

let our coupling be the shield and the carriage,

let me inspire you to be happier than ever,

while we wait for each other’s return;

and see these days apart

as serene and peaceful,

passing by quickly

waiting for each other’s return.

We always realize in joy

as always happens in our reencounters,

that our feelings have only grown,

the coupling has strengthened,

and our Life together

has over time become enrichened,

better and limitless,

as never before.

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