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What A Blessing Being Together Is

What an Amazing Blessing Being Together Is

Who penned the script of this movie?

Or is it comprised just of our time together?

Or maybe we are only the producers and directors

of a great audience of two?

Couldn’t it be considered something predestined,

well beyond our comprehension?

While it’s all been there waiting,

to guide us along a beautiful path

whereby every day,

we inhale more and more happiness.

A walkway of love through Life,

where firm ground is formed,

a safety shield envelops

with which we can embark

on the arduous journey before us,

protected from that which

can hurt us.

A magic filter enabling us to contemplate Life,

through its better angles,

so we can extract from it,

drop by drop,

the best possibilities

there are to offer.

A generous path that merges with many others,

seeded with goodness,

countless flowers along its way,

enhancing the Beauty around us

as we walk on by.

A magic carpet which we share together,

taking us anywhere our imagination leads us.

This script, our script,

has been written with compressed, dense ink,

that we leave behind this frantic ecstasy

of two welded souls, one with the other.

Our two souls incessantly grateful

for all that we receive,

albeit rather briefly

as it soon fades away.

A script charged with the love that surrounds us.

A script’s foundations loaded with strength and intensity.

A script where tenderness, passion, and unconditionality

are our travel companions and the pillars of our happiness.

It is the script of the most beautiful movie ever written.

It is the script

with the magnificent and predestined blessing

of you and I being together for eternity.

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