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The Land Of The Happy People

The Land of The Happy People

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from heaven,

there were quite a few happy people,

but many other angry ones.

And as they were more in numbers,

happiness was usually overcome by anger,

And this gave way to another awkward problem;

The majority was used to have their way,

hence, the happier the people got,

the angrier the others became.

Sometimes, it seemed like Happiness

was not contagious enough.

For some, it seemed like anger

was the only thing that could be felt.

It all made up for

an absurd and hard to define world,

as the angry people were uncomfortable,

even resentful

with the permanent and unshakeable

sunny disposition and Happiness of the others.

Was it a happy place dominated by Anger?


Was it a place full of anger dominated by Happiness?

Which one did really have the power?

Happiness or Anger? 

Could an angry person be happy?

Or even smile?

Was there any anger or pain in Happiness?

Could anger and Joy walk along side by side?

Could there be Joy when experiencing adversity and tragedy?

Did angry people know how to be happy?

Did happy people know how to be angry?

Did angry people know what Happiness was?

Did happy people know what anger was?

Was there a formula on how to feel and be happy?

Once upon a time,

in a land not so far from Heaven

there quite a few happy people.

They in the end prevailed

over the many angry ones

and ended anger and sadness forever.

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