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The Better Instincts Of Our Hearts | Erasmus cromwell smith

The Better Instincts of Our Hearts

There are things in life

that we can only do from our hearts

and those we never regret.

In fact, we’ll do them

over and over again

the same exact way.

These are acts of life

where we draw

from the better instincts of our hearts,

and as they are driven

mainly by passion, convictions and principles,

self-interest or consequences don’t matter,

as much as one’s self-beliefs,

for that someone, 


we are ready to take a bullet for.

One thing is absolutely certain,

these types of monumental steps

are not driven by our brains!

Because we could never have the courage

and unselfishness

to hurt ourselves or act against our own best interests,

as both are exclusively matters of the heart.

These acts of valor are 

where heroes are born,

the course of history is changed,

lives are spared or saved

and humanity shines and rises

to its highest levels.

There are many of us who are born

with great instincts of the mind,

and there are also many of us who come to life

with great instincts of the heart,

but one of life’s paradoxes

is that we always seem to follow

those instincts that we are the weakest on,

inevitably leading us

into unfulfilled and depressing lives.

And in matters of love,

the brain and the heart are like oil and water,

they don’t mix well,

because the brain 

cannot create, govern, control or sustain love

nor vice-versa.

When we follow

the better instincts of our brains

in matters of love,

there is no love,

but rather thoughts instead of feelings.

What likely there is,

is an arrangement where we settle

for comfort and emptiness.

Because inasmuch as

the better instincts of our minds

serve us well,

when logic, convenience and common sense

are required,

when looking back at life,

we will always realize

that immense, absolute and wholesome happiness

only comes to us

when we have followed

the better instincts of our hearts.

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