Dangerous Liaisons: Miami-Beach

Dangerous Liaisons


The three teens had planned this moment for a long time They knew her weekend routine like clockwork. After quietly docking their waterski-boat, a $100 tip was all that it had taken for the unaware waitress, about to finish her shift, to allow them to slip the date rape drug in the virgin piña colada that she was delivering to cabaña #1.

Sixteen-year-old Hillary Zathlyn is in a haze. One moment everything is foggy and out of focus and the next moment the room starts to spin. She feels dizzy, like falling into a void. She’s vaguely aware that despite her best efforts to remain in control, she’s losing it. As Hillary passes out, she’s hit with a wave of cold fear and the blurry images of the young men she knows but didn’t invite there…

Thriller told in brief chapters highlighting many of the luxury island residents’ histories and exploits, ultimately offering a glimpse into the fictional world of the rich and powerful.


Reader’s opinions

“…This magnificent literary creation is a work of art. It is like someone has written the language of my soul. The poems were the stepping-stones and the story of the professor is what linked them together. The book stories were the portals, then the poems transported me to places deep, deep inside. This little great book touched me emotionally everywhere. For me it was like an inspirational box of chocolates. The love story is one we can all relate to as love is a two-sided coin and its balance rests on the edge. This book will connect with both serious, casual readers and everyone in general, even the youngest. I predict the equilibrist will become an American literary classic and it is my appreciation as a teacher, that it will become mandatory reading at the high-school level…”

“…This book is a jewel and a masterpiece. The story is a treasure trove of art and poetry, presented through poetic installments weaved with a thrilling story. It describes the nurturing of personal and interpersonal relationships. It touches the very soul of our emotions while causes introspection of our own existence. From the beginning, I felt this intense emotional connection with the story and was quickly lost for hours at a time reflecting on each sentence profoundness and wisdom. Then, every time I went back to it, I found myself reading the prior ten pages over and over again…”

Literary Reviews

Clarion Review

“…Leaning…toward delivering lessons, the poems are tightly grammatical and practical, focused on solving life problems like heartbreak, complex relationships, important decision making, and answering questions about the meaning of life and achieving happiness…Poems are effortless and concise, with themes that with the poignancy of their subject matter lend themselves to discussion and meditation…the free-verse poems could be written out in paragraph form and still remain moving…”

Blueink Review

(Starred Review)

“…Through free-verse poetry…over 90 thought-provoking poems and reflections…addressing such concepts as letting go of the past, finding inspiration, dealing with a loss, ultimately living a happy, blissful life…In choosing to explore universal concerns…Cromwell-Smith II strokes an ideal balance…”