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Who penned the script of this movie? Or is it comprised just of our time together? Or maybe we are only the producers and directors of a great audience of two?

Of all the "ifs" and "buts" we face none are more powerful that the ones coming from those who provide us with living tutelage and life lessons.

I would like to know how you are? Hopefully, you are as happy as I am. I’ve noticed sadness in your voice and would love to free you of it. What we share together is too good to not be rejoicing; just be spontaneous, and you’ll always feel like that.


Convergence and confluence are Life’s timely opportunities. When there is convergence, we convene and congregate. Through concurrence and congruence of common interests, life paths come together on some form or another out of pre-ordained links or bonds.

Love and Success

It is not whatsoever about success-driven-love rather, everyone and everything in Life is about love-driven-success.

Do you remember those eyes? I do … I always will … His eyes smiled at you with their little twinkle, the tiny movement where they seemed to close in on you,

Two of the most fundamental and existential states in life are measured by each stroke forward in our life clock’s hands.  The corroboratory tick of the larger and faster one is that of the sound of change, and the smaller and slower one, validating clicks are those of the sound of evolution. 

It is commonly said that love is never having to say you’re sorry, and never having to apologize. It has been said, therefore,

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