Algorithm-323 (SCI-FI)

Algorithm-323 (SCI-FI) Synopsis

Nicolas Tosh is a Math Prodigy. In the late 70s, he develops a series of discreet algorithms that enable seamless communications “to” and “from” the brain. “Thoughts replace voices as a communication medium, the brain’s memory banks become easily downloadable and every “live” thought, image and sound can be captured through Tosh’s mathematical constructs. To ensure neutrality and a safe haven for his operations, he builds a data center in Zermatt, Switzerland to host a global neural network and a “state of the art” Quantum Computer that enables the deployment of his set of algorithms on a global scale. Realizing that the misuse of his formulas could have serious repercussions, Tosh seeks the G-7 to designate them as WMDs, but inevitably conflicts arise as one nation tries to take advantage of Tosh’s formulas, in detriment of the other member nations, in particular of Algorithm-323.

Jan 27, 2018  

Erasmus Press

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With Algorithm—323, Erasmus Cromwell Smith offers a sprawling, globe-spanning technological thriller about some scary math and a secret cabal that wants to take down its inventor.

The novel opens in Argentina circa 1974, where 16-year-old Swiss mathematician Nicholás Tosh meets Rainer Sábato, a nuclear scientist. Over the next 30 years, they develop hundreds of mathematical equations that can be applied in unique and sometimes dangerous ways.

The bulk of the novel takes place in 2016, where Tosh is living a double life: one as a humble math professor, another as the mastermind of a global syndicate that includes a nonprofit foundation and a secret laboratory in Switzerland. Tosh has invented a set of algorithms, including an equation enabling him to build a device that facilitates telepathy—thought-based communication anywhere around the world—as well as the ability to reconstruct a person’s whole life, moment to moment, with or without his consent. The victim of a conspiracy by dangerously influential powerbrokers, Tosh has been unfairly charged with terrorism and is on the run. 

The book’s first half details Tosh’s efforts to clear himself while unraveling the conspiracy against him using his own frightening technology. A second half sees him uncovering a Chinese plot to enable industrial espionage. As you might expect, it’s to be continued.

Tosh is a strong character…the novel’s tech-terrifying setup…(is) fairly compelling…(a) Crichtonesque read.