The Rebel Hackers of Point Breeze

Rebel Hackers


Out of postcard-perfect Point Breeze, New York, a group of computer savants, the Rb Hackers (“the rebel hackers”) use Quantam Technology and a Neural Network to defend both the Corporate World and Governments around the world againts cyberattacks. The youngsters are the best at what they do, hence they are sought after and handsomely rewarded for their work. Being based at the sleepy town located on the shores of Lake Erie provides them with the perfect cover of their activities. This until they develop AI softwares that emulates human consciousness and enables them to download and upload themselves to, from, and between any computer devices. But the powerful AI softwares sets the rebel bunch on the run as the most powerful countries in the world are each after their immensely valuable technology, and whoever gets a hold of it first, could tip the world balance of power to its favor. The non-stop thrilling action move back and forth between Russia, Ukraine, China, Greenland, and the United States until it all reaches a terrifying climax in one of the most remote places in the world.