The Orloj of Paris ( The Orloj Series: Vol.3 )


Young Erasmus Cromwell-Smith, Il’s adventure happens inside of Paris’s Notre-Dame’s Cathedral imaginary astrological clock. Exactly a year after his quest in Venices astrological clock, together with the same band of now five young wizards, while seeking the path to the Orloj, the young wizard wanders across France, visiting the astrological clocks of Rouen, Lyon, Besancon, and finally Paris’ Notre Dame. Once in Paris they experience a city filled with wizards, enchanters, witches, conjurers, and once more, the evil gnome. The youngsters seek clues in order to solve the mystery of how to fix the long-broken city of Lyon’s astrological clock, and by doing so, become “Master Wizards.” Once more, they are guided in their quest by The Orloj, the old clock, as well as, Buggie and Thumpee, his sons. Through the wicked streets of Paris, the young wizards must find six statues representing each of the human virtues of Respect, Selflessness, Tolerance, and the human flaws of Indifference, Arrogance, and Deafness. Only after they successfully master them, they earn the clues that will show them how to fix Lvon’s astrological clock. The Orloj of Paris is a magical tale filled with non-stop action and thrills, as well as timeless wisdom through nine unforgettable fables and poems. –

“Even older readers will find The Orloj… an imaginative rendering- one that should appeal to anyone who enjoys following a creative quest of young wannabe wizards, intertwined with core life lessons.