Dangerous Liaisons: Miami-Beach

Dangerous Liaisons

The three teens had planned this moment for a long time They knew her weekend routine like clockwork. After quietly docking their waterski-boat, a $100 tip was all that it had taken for the unaware waitress, about to finish her shift, to allow them to slip the date rape drug in the virgin piña colada that she was delivering to cabaña #1.

Sixteen-year-old Hillary Zathlyn is in a haze. One moment everything is foggy and out of focus and the next moment the room starts to spin. She feels dizzy, like falling into a void. She's vaguely aware that despite her best efforts to remain in control, she's losing it. As Hillary passes out, she's hit with a wave of cold fear and the blurry images of the young men she knows but didn't invite there...

Thriller told in brief chapters highlighting many of the luxury island residents' histories and exploits, ultimately offering a glimpse into the fictional world of the rich and powerful.