The End of The Empire Paradigm

The era of Empires has been over since WW II. It has been replaced by the age of Business and Technology battles for market and mind share. It's a war for fickle, borderless entrepreneurial dominance. Check which Countries house and maintain the largest number of Global Brands and Enterprises, and you'll find who the current winners are.

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During the last 90 days, we all heard it “ad nauseam,” inflation has arrived and is here to stay. The narrative has been relentless and effective. It progressively eroded investor confidence until the stock market entered a “twilight zone,” a kind of parallel universe totally divorced from the massive economic recovery underway.


Reverse Repo: Our banking system is drowning in Liquidity.

In the repo market, US financial institutions sell treasury securities among each other while simultaneously agreeing to repurchase them (usually the next day). The buyer gets to place its extra funds overnight with a return, while the seller satisfies its short-term funds’ needs.

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