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At the very deep ends of my heart, In a place where emotions are raw, Where feelings are unedited, At Love’s nest and launching pad, And where passions reign free, With indomitable force, Lies this unwavering, unflickering Tiny, little flame that simply,

When you hear the whispers of sorrow, counter them with dreams of tomorrow. When you feel the trappings of failure, fight them with the thrills & excitement of being alive. When you feel emptiness & solitude, dissolve them with your heart and faith.

I am all of you, You are all of me. We are all of you, We are all of me. You are me, I am you. We are, only one of you, only one of me. Only one of us, one and only, you and I, both of us, forever.

Let them grow, healthy and strong; so at the same time they perceive a world that is both challenging and fantastic. Let them travel and meet the diversity of people, places and things while loving all their fellow travelers and prioritizing those in need. And let it be that their participation in everything they start, embark on or get involved in, occurs with conviction, dedication and grit.

Through words, beating like a drum that cannot be stopped, heard by all. Everything I feel turns into magic when my love writes about us, all of it, attributable to you, without limit nor end. When my dreams write for you, time and space stop, the spirit is enrichened, the soul smiles in joy. When my feelings write about you, my heart is depleted out of words as they burst out pouring love into you.

As the sun sets and life ends, the horizon explodes in thousands of colors. Yellows, oranges and red flames light the sky, symbolizing the celebration of a day coming to an end.

Serenity is a contemplative state of absolute inner peace and immutable calmness. It is a condition that allows us to observe life as a movie from the inside. In slow motion, we seemingly pause and contemplate each single frame

Sometimes we hope, that by being simply alive, happiness would be something we will find or stumble onto with utmost certainty. But waiting for happiness to occur by chance or luck is the equivalent of a reward without merits or a prize without struggle or effort.

There are things in life that we can only do from our hearts and those we never regret. In fact, we’ll do them over and over again the same exact way.

Lend a hand Share a dream Join in hope Pray for others Extend a favor Give a kiss Hug each other

Where does beauty reside? Where does it lie? Where is it found? Beauty begins with us, inside all of us, ready to be discovered,

There are few other expressions that better depict what it means to be truly alive than enthusiasm.

Standing by the corner under the broken street lamp, on a dusky, foggy & misty night, The Quibbler does what he always does, he mumbles & grumbles, rambles and tumbles his thoughts & words about anyone and anything.

One’s character is our calling card to life, as well as, the legacy our wake leaves behind. Our character defines not who we think we are, much less what we pretend to be, but who we really are, deep, deep, inside.

Animo, Animus, Anima, what does it matter? They are all one of the same. Surprised? Colloquially speaking, animus is strictly associated with animosity and all of those deeply rooted ill feelings. But there couldn’t be a more blatant example of misusing a very profound word than this!

Sometimes life presents us with seemingly impossible tasks and insurmountable challenges, so demanding, that we don’t really know where to begin, much less if we can respond or live up to them, or even if we will be able to hold on to the very end.

Where does a fairy tale begin? How does it start? How is it created ? Where can we find one? And once we do, how do we turn it on? When is it that our life’s pages, shine and sparkle in all their splendor, and our hearts are suddenly filled with magical dreams of reciprocal love?

The most important forms of Gratitude are either celestial or existential in nature. Enough has been professed and predicated, describing Gratitude. Yet, its essence does not lie in the WHAT IS IT?

I slide back to the past in total silence... Today I remembered those whispers, sounds that were soft and constant, a crystalline, crisp trickle like a tiny creek. The soul’s whispers suddenly irrupted while I was situated behind the scenes. On the other side, the stage, the play, the performers, the audience were “acting” as they always do, putting on a show and existing just for the “appearance” of it.

Our lives are like those of circus equilibrists, we walk through a thin & narrow, but very strong wire, our emotional life. The wire is our support system, made out of thousands of filaments tightly wound together.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far from heaven, there were quite a few happy people, but many other angry ones. And as they were more in numbers, happiness was usually overcome by anger, And this gave way to another awkward problem; The majority was used to have their way, hence, the happier the people got, the angrier the others became.

As the crowd at the circus main tent stage still cheers his act, the joker walks back heading towards his “camerino.” He has a white plastered face, a giant painted mouth wearing a perpetual smile, a tiny perfectly round nose, both painted in red.

The spinning wheel of life goes around and around, that’s why everything we see, comes and goes around in full circle to the place it started or where it ended. Yes, in many ways life is a circle, or better said,

Today, I awoke on the surface of Mars, surrounded by a landscape of intense shades of red and rusty dust. I am engulfed by rocks and sand that soon transform into monotony that appears as spiritless as butterscotch caramel.

If we are content to oversimplify what Geniality is, limiting ourselves to mean it as something simply cordial, affable, congenial, gracious, sociable, cheerful and kindly; We rob the uniqueness and outstanding aspects of its application.

Joy is the highest level, the ultimate attainment of Happiness. It is a virtuous elevated state reaching “The Zenith of Contentment.” Joy occurs, when happiness shines and sparkles, when all is radiant and incandescent, when we are inundated, impregnated, soaked

Here is the problem with Duality: At first sight appears to be something it isn’t, like a state of deliberate indecisiveness, even ignorant or willful duplicity, amongst choices. Duality is quite the contrary of what it appears to be, at least as far as this verse goes.

Doubt without Trust, Method or Purpose set us up for recurring anxiety and pain, unfortunately in vain, as all of it will go to waste, when inexorably, we fail.

Those that regret in never ending fashion, those that drown in their sorrows seemingly forever, lack clarity in life.

There is no worst decision than the one we never make, which is not to be confused with deciding to do nothing or take no action as those are still decisions we would have made.

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