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Who penned the script of this movie? Or is it comprised just of our time together? Or maybe we are only the producers and directors of a great audience of two?

Of all the "ifs" and "buts" we face none are more powerful that the ones coming from those who provide us with living tutelage and life lessons.

I would like to know how you are? Hopefully, you are as happy as I am. I’ve noticed sadness in your voice and would love to free you of it. What we share together is too good to not be rejoicing; just be spontaneous, and you’ll always feel like that.

Convergence and confluence are Life’s timely opportunities. When there is convergence, we convene and congregate. Through concurrence and congruence of common interests, life paths come together on some form or another out of pre-ordained links or bonds.

It is not whatsoever about success-driven-love rather, everyone and everything in Life is about love-driven-success.

Do you remember those eyes? I do … I always will … His eyes smiled at you with their little twinkle, the tiny movement where they seemed to close in on you,

Two of the most fundamental and existential states in life are measured by each stroke forward in our life clock’s hands.  The corroboratory tick of the larger and faster one is that of the sound of change, and the smaller and slower one, validating clicks are those of the sound of evolution. 

It is commonly said that love is never having to say you’re sorry, and never having to apologize. It has been said, therefore,

As time passes and life goes on, we are reminded by tragedy, how precious life is, and how privileged it is to be healthy and alive.

What a tough job to have to navigate through the darkest corners of the minds of others, rather than your own.

Life is a tightly wound chain of occurrences, a maddening scramble, we cannot govern nor control. Out future is being formed every millisecond. It is an infinite, never ending, dynamic & totally random string of connected events.

Is there anything, anything? That we seek, but never reach? Is there someone, yes, that someone that we wait for, but never find? Is there someone, anyone that we don't need, but never leave?

How do you know when Love is knocking at your door? How do you know when it has arrived? And its music, the music of angels, is out there waiting for you.

You like to dance and I don’t. You are spontaneous and blunt, I am not. You are loud and noisy I am silence personified. You are social and friendly I am not very much of either. You have a short fuse that erupts then fades like a volcano, my flame burns slowly for a long time. You like to sleep late I rise early before dawn. You plan way ahead I do everything at the last minute.

Ever since the day we met, there is something about you, that makes life magical. Don’t ask me how but it is this irresistible and wickedly beautiful spell you cast, that simply makes us happy, whole, and safe.

In all matters of family, true friendship, and love, reside all those that are dearest and nearest to us, as well as the bonds that hold it all together. The tight closeness and indivisible unity of these three existential bonds is one of the most important sources of strength and happiness in our lives.

Conventional wisdom is such, that when you do the wrong thing, eventually, the past catches up with you and holds you accountable. But, there is also the unspoken truth that, when we fail to do in the present what we are supposed to,

If I could touch the stars with my heart, the night darkness would turn into reds of roses and reds of fire. If I could reach the sky with my dreams, the colors and tones of daylight would turn into inspired whites and passionate blues.

As the leaves drop at Poet’s row, I see your eyes sparkle in the hues of the fall. The gentle breeze whistles as the spirit of “The Big Apple” spreads to every corner of the city’s lungs.

Here we are under a star-studded sky, over the moist but warm still sands of an empty beach. Here we are on this magic island, where our story, the one that is only about the two of us, has begun.

There are moments in life that overwhelm us, they seize us right at the gut level, suddenly, we are crumbling inside, without a clue, how to cope with the situation.

The chimney sweep sits on the rooftop of the city moonless night. Stars by the millions gaze like magnificent gatherings in the universe, through luminescent eyes, with infinite shades of white, in full display, just for him.

The gentle breeze tussles freely, those shiny curls of mine. The vast ocean reflects a magnificent canvas drawing to eternity, those incandescent eyes that I belong to, now and forever.

The boy leans forward with his hands on the soil, his legs bent, his feet off the ground except for his tippy-toes. He is ready to bolt like a sprinter. But his head tells a different story. With his neck overextended, tilted to one side, he gazes in the distance. Is it an intense stare?

Today my heart looked for you, and I sighted in joy and relief, as one more time, when I need it, my dream of you, was still there.

Wizard, Wizard! Bring me a Blue Unicorn, one that sprinkles magic into life, innocence and candor to the spirit, light and color to the soul, passion and love into one’s heart, meaning and purpose for each and every day we are alive. And in a snap! I am staring at my dream, In awe and […]

There is stillness in the air, no sound within the music, fidelity exclaim perfection. The notes sing glory, there is purity in the air; the violins weep, the cellos cry, the trumpets sing, the piano chants to the deepest ends of our hearts.

Once upon a time, There was this strong group of few, They came from faraway lands, They had Wills of Steel, Their Flag was engraved on their Spirits, Their Country was sculpted on their Souls, And their loved ones carved on their Hearts.

Today I woke up staring at a choice, feeling inspired, I recalled how difficult it has been to arrive at such crossroads.

Way, way up there Where one can almost touch the sky, well beyond the horizon, there is an endless rainbow, filled with extraordinary colors, so bright and shiny, that they are a feast to the eye beyond wonder.

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