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If you want to live a blissful life, pay attention to "the little details" both on the receiving and giving ends of it. But not the kind where "the devil is in the..." as those are easy and hidden in plain sight and are usually expected rules, norms or stipulations, we either follow, ignore, break or circumvent. So, they are narrow in human nature and binary in their scope, as they simply bite you or they don't.

We travel through life  from the moment we arrive on planet Earth.  Wherever we are, whatever we do,  we are always going somewhere  as there is always a destination. But the journey is where life resides, not the destination.

Over time our faces become a reflection of our lives and what we are comprised of inside. Over time the mask of youth fades away  as we bear the marks and scars of the kind of life and the way we have experienced it. Like a fingerprint, in a well-weathered face,  every little crevice, corner, ridge, wrinkle


Resilience lies at the core, at the very essence of the human spirit. it is a vital and virtuous existential condition, comprised of sheer character strength and awesome, utter willfulness. Resilience is the untamable drive, burning fire, unflinching defiance,

We are all on this together, we are as ever one. Make it we are going to, physically distant but closer than ever before. We are going to make it through, Together, as ever, as one. It silently spreads... ruthlessly attempting to undermine our Society, threatening the way we live as we know it, all at once.

Martin Luther King believed that society's three evils are: Materialism, Militarism, and Racism. Today, decades later, we could 1) With income inequality, the lack of social mobility and the lack of a fair shot for all, we see evidence of the darker side of materialism;

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